Brhel Poultry

Welcome to our home...a small family farm in south central Nebraska

Black Walnut Farm sits on the eastern edge of Fairfield, a small community in Clay County, Nebraska. We raise sheep, goats, and poultry...and enjoy our own homegrown, humanely and naturally raised lamb, goat milk and dairy products, broilers, and eggs. We also have an organic garden.

The goal of Black Walnut is first and foremost to improve our self-sufficiency through sustainable agriculture -- we farm this way because we love the lifestyle, not because we're hoping to get rich! We love to meet and talk with other sheep, goat, and poultry producers who share our passion for sustainability.

While we use the majority of what we produce each year, we usually have extra for sale. If you're looking to add to your farm, we often have ewelambs, doelings, and chickens. If you're looking for farm-fresh food, we raise live lambs and broilers for slaughter, eggs, and vegetables. We also make goat milk soap and other products

Who are we?

Rita Brhel grew up on a diversified livestock farm near Pauline in Adams County, Nebraska, that produced sheep, beef cattle, dairy goats, and poultry. The farm also featured a large garden. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Diversified Agriculture and Advertising/Public Relations from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She spent several years in journalism before starting a family and her own business: Brhel Communications, which offers strategic marketing communications to nonprofit organizations and businesses.

Mike Brhel grew up on a diversified livestock and crop farm near Denton in Lancaster County, Nebraska, that produced beef and dairy cattle, hogs, poultry, corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, and alfalfa. The farm also featured a large vegetable garden and orchard. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He spent several years in business management before starting a family. He now works at Chief Custom Homes in Aurora, Nebraska, where he builds modular houses.

We are actively involved with the Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers, the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society, and the Nebraska Dairy Goat Association.